Car Polishing

We offer professional car polishing and paint correction for our customers in Hertfordshire using industry-leading Rupes machine polishers. Our team offer three stages of machine polishing. This is a great way to restore your vehicle to its former glory. This is a highly skilled and time-consuming process, so if you’re considering this service we offer a free test area. We come to you, polish a section and you can see the results for yourself. Once completed we seal and protect with a light spray wax lasting up to a month. For more information or to book a machine polishing service, please get in touch.

Preparing the Vehicle for Machine Polishing & Paint Correction

We firstly deep clean the paintwork with a 14 step cleaning process. This ensures the paint is clean and free from contaminants. This is a necessary process to ensure the best results from the polishing process. Once this is done a test section is completed. This is an important step as it allows the correct polish and pad combo to be determined.

Then we start to polish the vehicle using a variety of industry-leading machine polishers. We use professional polishing compounds and polishing pads to achieve a high-quality finish. The results of this process depend entirely on which polish is used, the lighter the polish the fewer defects are removed. Here is an explanation of what each stage and polish can do for you.

Stage 1 Enhancement

This is a light machine polish using an ultra-fine polish compound. This is a perfect solution for a faded car that needs some life brought back to it. The fine polish combined with a soft pad is the perfect combo for this. This combo brings back a glossy finish and can remove very minor imperfections in the paint. This enhancement takes a full day including the wash stage.

Prices: Small car £20 – Medium car £220 – Large car £240 – 4×4 £260 – Van £280.

Stage 1 Correction

This is a process for a car that has some light swirls and scratches. Using a fine compound and a medium pad this combo works a treat on these defects. This combo will reduce swirls greatly with a reduction of at least 60%. This does vary on the condition of the paint before the process starts. It also brings back the gloss leaving the car with a superb wet look finish. This is the perfect way to improve your car’s look in just one day.

Prices: Small car £210 – Medium car £225 – Large car £250 – 4×4 £260 – Van £270

Stage 2 Correction

This is the top level of paint correction we offer. This is for customers who are looking to get their car as close to brand new as possible without going down the route of having the car painted.

This starts off with a heavy cut compound and hard pad, this combo removes deep scratches and heavy swirls. Then we start with a second refining stage. This is to remove lighter marks and to restore the gloss back to the paintwork. This is a very long process and will take at least two days.

Price: POA. As this treatment is such a long process, the price will be quoted on an individual basis. The condition of the vehicle will be assessed, and the best course of action will be advised.

Spray Wax Protection

All machine polishing comes with a spray wax offering up to one month of protection as standard. Upgrading to a longer-lasting wax is also available if required.

Hard wax for six months protection £10
Ceramic wax for nine months protection £20

Contact Clear Cut Detailing

If you need further information about our car polishing service in Hertfordshire, then get in touch. Whether you have a prestige sports car, a new or old car, we offer professional machine polishing services which will enhance your vehicle’s bodywork.