Ceramic Detailing

Want sleek, blemish-free, mirror-like paintwork that doesn’t lose its shine? Our ceramic detailing provides long-lasting polished results that can last for up to three years! To book your car in for ceramic detailing in Hertfordshire, get in touch to arrange an appointment.

What is Ceramic Detailing?

Ceramic detailing is the application of a specialist paint treatment that is applied in liquid form and cures to provide a tough protective layer to protect your paintwork. Once applied it leaves your paintwork in exceptional ‘freshly waxed’ condition for years to come. In comparison to other paint polishes it provides many benefits that include the following:

  • Scratch resistant – perfect for those tight Cornish roads.
  • UV light resistant – prevents paintwork from aging and degradation.
  • Excellent weather and chemical resistance.
  • Prevention against rusting and oxidisation.
  • Incredible hydrophobic properties – water just runs off!
  • Gloss and colour enhancing.
  • Anti-abrasive properties.
  • Leaves the car with a smooth shiny surface that is easy to clean.
  • Restores staining from bird droppings, tar and tree sap.
  • Long lasting mirror finish shine for up to three years!

We Use Carbon Collective Products

Your car deserves the very best. That is why we only use Carbon Collective products for our ceramic detailing services. As Carbon Collective is the industry leading brand of ceramic coatings, you will get outstanding results that will last for years to come. You have to see it to believe it!

Ceramic Coating Service

Our ceramic coating service offers the ultimate in paint protection. With its incredibly hard properties it is very resilient and long lasting. Thanks to its hardness our entry level ceramic lasts up to three years with proper maintenance.

Unlike some other places we won’t just come and apply this coating. We insist on at the very least a 1 stage paint correction before we will apply the coating.

There are reasons for this, we pride ourselves on a high standard of work. Due to the hardness of the coating if the vehicle isn’t properly prepared then the coating won’t bond to the paint. As a result, you won’t get the result and durability you are looking for. Furthermore, due to the hardness of the paint, if the car doesn’t receive some kind of correction all defects will be sealed into the coating for life.

There is also a curing time to consider. It needs to stay out of the elements for at least two hours and takes seven days to fully cure.

Our ceramic coating process is as follows:

  • Full decontamination wash of bodywork and wheels.
  • 1 stage paint correction minimum.
  • Glass cleaned and polished.
  • Wheels, trims, glass and bodywork degreased and prepared.
  • Wheels, trims, glass and bodywork coated and buffed.
  • We then follow up a week or so later with a free wash to ensure everything has gone well.

How Much is Ceramic Detailing?

The cost can vary depending on the size and type of vehicle you wish to treat. If you want a quote, just give us a call!

Contact Clear Cut Detailing

Interested in finding out more about ceramic detailing? Then get in touch with us for further information. As we provide a fully mobile service, we can book your vehicle in for this specialist treatment anywhere in Hertfordshire and the surrounding region. So, give us a call to book an appointment. You won’t regret it!